How to Make CBD Flower Stronger: Top 3 Methods


Millions of people around the world use CBD flower every single day. It’s incredibly
versatile when it comes to alleviating the symptoms of countless ailments. It’s an
attractive option because it provides some relief for so many things without any harmful
side effects or impairment.

Even with all of its benefits, the biggest complaint from CBD users is that it’s not quite
strong enough. Its effects are indeed fairly mild compared to many alternatives like
synthetic pharmaceuticals. This has led to many people searching for ways to increase
CBD’s potency. Read on to find out how to make CBD flower stronger.

CBD Flower Explained

CBD flower comes from the hemp plant. It is closely related to THC flower, which is
more commonly known as marijuana. While CBD flower does generally contain some
THC, the amount is so minuscule that it’s virtually undetectable by the average user.

Inhalation, whether through smoking or vaping, is one of the most popular ways to
consume CBD flower. This method allows for the rapid absorption of CBD into the body,
leading to the quick onset of its effects. Of course, there are numerous other methods to
utilize CBD flower, some of which we will delve into shortly.

How to Make CBD Flower Stronger

Figuring out how to make CBD flower stronger is not as straightforward as you might
think. Even so, there are still some options available to increase its potency. We’ve put
together a list of the top three methods to give your CBD flower an extra kick.

  1. Add THC Flower: This might sound like cheating, but it’s a legitimate way to add
    some extra power to your CBD flower. All you need to do is grind up some THC flower
    and mix it with your CBD flower. After that, just smoke or vape as you normally would.

This is a popular method because THC relieves many of the same symptoms as CBD,
often with better results. The impairment that THC causes can be a big turnoff to some
people, so the ability to easily add as much or as little as you want is extremely

The downside is that THC is illegal in most of the world, including the EU, so your
options are limited if you don’t want to break the law. The good news is that several
governments are discussing THC legalisation, so hopefully, big changes are coming

  1. Make CBD Concentrates: Most people will never have the equipment or desire to
    make concentrates from CBD flower. However, if you invest the time and money, it will
    pay for itself in no time. Most of the same concentrates that can be made with THC
    flower can be made with CBD flower, including hash, oil, and e-liquid for vapes.

If you don’t want to make concentrates yourself, consider buying from a reputable online
retailer like Their wide selection of products is legal in most of the
EU and made from the finest CBD flower.

  1. Grow Hemp Plants: This is another option with which the law could get in the way. If
    you decide to grow hemp plants, please check your local laws very carefully. Access to
    medication is important, but so is doing it the right way.

If you grow your own hemp plants, you have greater control over the potency of the
CBD flower. Start by researching the strongest strains and seeking out their seeds.
Mastering the growing process is the biggest factor in making this option successful. It
might take several attempts, but it will be worth it in the end.

Can You Really Make CBD Flower Stronger?

As we’ve learned today, the answer is both yes and no. To make CBD stronger, it
usually needs to be processed or have something added to it. This technically does not
increase the potency of the flower after it’s grown, but it provides options for greater
strength. Instead of trying to increase its strength, consider purchasing from a reputable
seller such as

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