Can I Fly With CBD Flower? The Truth Revealed


As the usage of CBD flower continues to grow, the stigma around it continues to shrink.
This is causing more people than ever to consider whether CBD flower is right for them.
It boasts an incredibly long list of benefits, but one question keeps getting asked: “Can I
fly with CBD flower?”

Can I Fly With CBD Flower?

We won’t keep you waiting any longer. The short answer is no, you can’t fly with CBD
flower. The long answer is a little more complicated. While CBD itself is non-
psychoactive, its flower often contains small amounts of another compound, THC.

Most CBD flower has such a low amount of THC that it’s impossible for the average
person to detect. It can, however, be selectively bred to raise the level of THC
significantly. Even so, the amount of flying you can do from CBD flower is extremely low.
An alternative would be to use THC flower with a high amount of CBD if that option is
available to you.

How Much THC Is Legal in CBD Flower?

For a long time, many countries had laws that did not distinguish between CBD and
THC flower. Wherever THC was illegal, CBD was criminalised right along with it. This is
because the stigma around THC and cannabis in general was so big that anything
associated with it was deemed harmful.

Thankfully, restrictions for both types of flower have been loosening in many countries
recently. CBD flower, especially, is now legal in many countries around the world, and
the list continues to grow. Throughout most of the EU, CBD flower can be legally sold
and possessed if it contains 0.2% THC or less. There are some exceptions to this,
which can be summed up as follows:

France: CBD flower can only be sold as a food supplement. It cannot be sold or
marketed as a medicinal product. All CBD flower sold in France must contain no more
than 0.3% THC.

Ireland: Just like in France, CBD flower sold in Ireland must be classified as a food
supplement and not sold for medicinal purposes. The limit for CBD flower sold in Ireland
is 0.2% THC.

Italy: Italy has some of the EU’s loosest restrictions on CBD flower. Total THC can be
up to 0.6%, which is higher than anywhere else in the EU.

Sweden: CBD flower is illegal in Sweden, mostly because all CBD flower contains trace
amounts of THC. No amount of THC is legal in Sweden. CBD oil is legal in Sweden if it
does not contain any THC.

UK: While the UK is not part of the EU, knowing that CBD flower is illegal in the UK
might still be helpful to some. Much like in Sweden, CBD oil and other products can be
sold if they don’t contain any THC. CBD products must be sold as food supplements or
for cosmetic uses.

Final Verdict

Under the right conditions, it may be possible to experience a very slight “high” feeling
from CBD flower, but you’re not going to fly. Your best option is to go with THC flower
instead, or to check out one of the other legal high options available in the EU.

CBD oil is an excellent alternative for those who prefer not to use flower. Oil can often
be easier to find and provides better dosage control. Also, CBD oil is sold with a wide
range of THC content, so it can be as strong or as mild as you want. This is the best
way to fly with CBD, because CBD flower on its own will, unfortunately, keep you

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