How Is CBD Flower Grown?


CBD flower is making a big name for itself at a time when people are searching for
natural remedies. It helps countless people across the globe to manage their pain
without worrying about harmful side effects.

For far too long, CBD has been grouped with THC as a justification to have it banned. In
reality, the two compounds are very different, and it’s about time they were treated as
such. Not that either should be criminalised, but CBD, in particular, has proven itself to
have a massive upside with virtually no downside.

Benefits of CBD Flower

CBD flower provides mild to moderate relief for an enormous number of symptoms. It’s
credited with alleviating headaches, arthritis, nausea, insomnia, and many others. The
only adverse side effects of CBD flower are caused by smoking it. Smoke of any kind
has the potential to irritate your lungs. Luckily, there are lots of other ways to consume
CBD flower.

The many delivery methods are one of the most significant benefits of CBD flower. If
you don’t want to smoke it, you can use a dry herb vaporiser instead. Vaping provides
fast results without any harmful smoke. Another popular method is to use oil made from
CBD flower. The oil is taken sublingually and is an excellent choice if you want to
carefully control your dosing.

How Is CBD Flower Grown?

CBD flower comes from the hemp plant. This means that in order to grow CBD flower,
you need to grow a hemp plant. To be more specific, only the female hemp plant will
grow CBD flower. In fact, male plants can be disastrous to the crop because they will
pollinate the female plants and cause the CBD flower to produce seeds. While seeds

can be used to make certain oils, they’re generally undesirable in flower grown for

The most important but also most difficult step of growing hemp plants is the
germination phase. The seeds are extremely delicate and require careful handling to
survive until the growth phase begins.

There is more than one method for germinating hemp seeds, but all involve soaking the
seeds in water for a few days. Once the tiny roots begin to break from the shell, it’s time
to plant. Skipping the germination step will drastically reduce the chance of a successful

Hemp plants used for growing CBD flower can be grown either indoors or outdoors.
Outdoor growing is much cheaper, but you’re at the mercy of the elements. Many
regions don’t have the proper climate for growing hemp plants, so indoors is the only

Indoor growing generally produces better results because the grower has greater
control over the variables. It’s more expensive because it requires powerful lighting
equipment and proper ventilation, including constantly running fans. It can be tricky to
get the technique just right because the fans need to be on for a certain number of
hours in a day and off for the rest. This simulates a day/night cycle; if it’s not done
correctly, it can stress the plant and greatly impact the final product.

Final Thoughts

Understanding how CBD flower is grown certainly gives an appreciation for how difficult
it can be. Overall, it’s not that different from growing any other type of plant. The most
important thing is to remain diligent and keep the moisture and light levels in the ideal

As long as everything is done correctly and with care, the final product will provide big,
beautiful CBD flower buds with a high amount of CBD. The buds are picked, packaged,

and distributed to retailers so those who need them can get them quickly and

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