Does CBD Increase Blood Flow? Lets Find Out


CBD is an extraordinary compound that helps so many people with relief from a wide
range of medical conditions. With the decriminalization of CBD spreading throughout
the EU and the rest of the world, more people are able to get the help they need.

Low blood circulation is a substantial concern for many people. It’s a symptom of
countless medical issues, and a mild remedy could have an enormous impact. Not only
is it a symptom, but it’s also the primary cause of many other ailments. It’s a serious
problem, and any help, especially with little to no side effects, is welcome.

Effects of Low Blood Circulation

When blood flow is lower than it should be, many negative consequences can start to
show. This affects every part of the body. Internal organs, all extremities, and even the
brain feel the effects of poor circulation. Some of the symptoms include:

Varicose veins: The main cause of varicose veins is the valves in the veins not working
correctly. Low blood flow exacerbates the issue. Blood begins to pool and clot in certain
spots, bulging the veins and making them highly visible. It’s usually not a serious issue,
but it can be in extreme cases.

Cramps: Oxygen is essential for your muscles, and poor blood circulation means less
oxygen reaches the muscles in your extremities. Even the most basic movements, such
as a short walk, can cause painful cramps when oxygen levels are too low.

Numb and cold extremities: The importance of efficiently distributed oxygen in the
body cannot be overstated. Nerve endings rely on it to function properly. When oxygen
can’t reach the nerves, they stop working correctly, causing numbness. Blood flow also
creates warmth, so when it’s reduced, you feel cold.

Erectile dysfunction: Only half of the population has the potential to be affected by
this, but that doesn’t make it any less devastating to those who suffer from it. Erection
happens when blood flow is increased to the genitals. When that flow isn’t as high as it
should be, erectile dysfunction occurs.

  • Reduced cognitive function: Perhaps the most worrying aspect of poor circulation is
  • its effects on the brain. It can affect the brain in several ways, some of which include:
  • Slurred speech
  • Loss of balance
  • Memory loss
  • Vision problems
  • Difficulty swallowing
  • Dizziness
  • Confusion
  • More serious issues can arise in the most extreme cases, up to and including deadly
  • complications.

Does CBD Increase Blood Flow?

Pharmaceuticals already exist to help increase blood flow, but there are many valid
reasons to desire an alternative. Current options can be expensive and have
undesirable side effects. Recent studies have been completed—and others are
ongoing—to find out if CBD can help increase blood flow.

A study by UCL researchers concluded that CBD increases blood flow in the
hippocampus, which is important for emotion and memory function. Evidence suggests
that memory can be improved by taking CBD.

CBD also increases blood flow to the prefrontal cortex, responsible for decision-making,
social behaviour, stress control, and personality. According to the study, CBD can
potentially treat conditions relating to these functions and more.

These studies have produced some promising findings regarding circulation in the rest
of the body as well. The studies show that CBD increases nitric oxide in the blood,
which may lead to increased blood flow. Nitric oxide dilates blood vessels to promote
better circulation while reducing blood pressure.

Talk to Your Doctor

Doing your own research is always a fantastic idea to familiarize yourself with any topic.
That said, reading articles can only get you so far when it comes to medical issues and
personal health.

It’s essential to sit down with a real professional who knows the intricacies of treatments
and how they interact with other medications you might be taking. Only your doctor
knows your unique medical history, so be sure to get their advice before making any

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