How to Consume CBD Flower


CBD flower is one of the most popular ways to enjoy cannabis!  After all, it offers potential benefits all relief and wellness seekers can appreciate.  Plus, its legal status makes it easy to obtain in most places.

CBD flower delivers subtle effects but makes it easy to get the wellness benefits of cannabis without the high-like euphoria of marijuana.  

It usually comes from female Sativa plants and it contains high levels of Cannabidiol.  This compound does not give intoxicating effects, which makes CBD flower ideal for those who wish to remain creative and energized during the day.

But how is CBD best taken?  What ways can it be consumed?  And what are the easiest ways to enjoy it?

Great questions as unlike CBD topicals and vape carts, there is more than just one way to consume CBD flower!  We invite you to join us below as we cover five ways to intake CBD, let us get started, shall we?

Make Edibles

Did you know you can add CBD flower to foods and recipes?

Exciting, isn’t it?  Indeed it is!  Most times, people infuse CBD flower into fatty foods, like cakes and brownies, as these allow the body to absorb the compound most efficiently.  To make CBD edibles, replace the amount of butter the recipe calls for with three-fourths CBD oil.  So if it calls for a cup of butter, then you should only add three-fourths of a cup of CBD oil.

Make CBD Oil

This sounds more intimidating than it really is.

To make CBD oil, all you need is time and guidance.

The first step is of the process is to decarboxylate the hemp flower, during which, you need to heat the flower to a temp that is high enough to activate the CBD.  Otherwise, you will not receive the full range of potential, and promising, therapeutic benefits Cannabidiol has to offer.

To heat up the bud you can grind the flower, spread it on a baking sheet, and bake it in the oven for half an hour at two hundred degrees.  You then mix the heated flower with olive or coconut oil (avoid hemp seed oil due to its low heat tolerance) and let it cook on low heat for five hours while keeping a periodic eye on it to ensure the oil is not burning.  Once this time passes and the oil cools, remove all of the plant material with a strainer and put it in an airtight jar so it is ready for when you want to vape or cook with it.

Pipe or Bong

If you already have one on hand or have the funds to buy one, a pipe or bong makes for a great way to enjoy CBD flower and the classic taste we all love and know.  Plus, you can just pack it and light it ablaze instead of grinding and rolling up first.  Do keep in mind though that the larger the bong the harsher hits will be given the greater amount of smoke its chamber holds , so consider this while buying a new piece.

Dry Herb Vape

Most know of vapes that let you vape tobacco but not many are aware there are ones that let you vape CBD flower too.  If joints and pipes or bongs are not your style, a dry herb vape battery is likely what you are looking for!  Discreet and easy to carry, simply pack a dry herb vape with as much CBD flower as you like, and then hit the button as the device heats it up to a vapor for your toking pleasure and enjoyment!

Joints and Pre-Rolls

Of all the ways to consume CBD flower, joints and pre-rolls are easily the most popular and convenient.

With a joint rolled from CBD flower in hand, just spark it up as you would a traditional joint or blunt and let the bud work its magic!  This is one of the easiest ways to smoke CBD flower and the cheapest too as you will not need to invest in a bowl or bong, which can be quite pricey at local smoke shops!  If you are unsure how to roll joints, get a roller, watch a tutorial, or just buy CBD pre-rolls that arrive ready to toke!

Closing Thoughts on Consuming CBD Flower

CBD flower makes life better for countless people and likely will for you too!  

From the plenty of ways to consume it to its potential therapeutic benefits, which include eased anxiety, more creativity, and better nights of quality rest, CBD flower is a promising solution to the curveballs of life.  

Consider the ways to use CBD flower above to pick the one you feel is best for you, and for the best experience, never take CBD flower with alcohol or chronic medication as this may cause fatigue, dizziness, and tiredness; always consult a doctor before introducing new compounds to the body.

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