Does CBD Flower Make You High? The Truth Revealed


Smoking or vaping CBD flower is extremely therapeutic. It’s much less toxic than
cigarettes, and unlike tobacco, it is not physically addictive. Anything that can replace
tobacco while being exponentially less harmful is a massive improvement.

CBD flower is much more than just a tobacco replacement, however. It features a
substantial number of medical benefits while remaining mild enough to avoid any nasty
side effects. CBD flower comes from the cannabis plant family, which also includes
marijuana. Everyone knows marijuana makes you high, but does CBD flower make you

Positive Effects of CBD Flower

The pharmaceutical industry dominates every corner of the symptom relief market, but
people are beginning to push back. Just watch TV commercials for five minutes, and
you’ll see three or four pills, drops, or injections that relieve a variety of symptoms. The
problem is that the side effects will darn near kill you.

CBD flower is obviously not a replacement for many medicines, but it can be the best
option when it comes to mild to moderate symptom relief. No one wants to be at risk of
a heart attack for trying to treat an upset stomach.

Anxiety, depression, insomnia, headaches, low appetite, and various other aches and
pains can all be treated with CBD flower. It’s not just great for ailments; it’s also great for
the environment. The hemp from which CBD flower is grown is used to make organic
plastic. This plastic breaks down quickly to lower plastic pollution, which is currently a
huge problem for the Earth.

Biodiesel is another way hemp can help the environment. While not as widely used as
we would like to see, a large portion of hemp plants grown help produce biodiesel,
which provides power for many motor vehicles.

Does CBD Flower Make You High?

Legal highs are hard to find. This is mainly because most highs are, well, illegal. CBD
Flower grows on the hemp plant. Hemp is a very close relative of marijuana. In fact,
they’re both part of the cannabis family of plants.

So, if CBD flower is cannabis, it must make you high, right? Not so fast. The main
difference between CBD flower and marijuana is the amount of THC they contain. While
marijuana flower contains up to 30% THC (the compound that makes you high), CBD
flower generally contains a maximum of 0.3% THC.

This means that, sadly, CBD flower does not make you high. However, its calming
effects can still help you unwind and relax after a long day. Sometimes, it’s a bonus that
it doesn’t get you high. If it did, you wouldn’t be able to work or drive after consuming it.

Don’t Give Up on CBD Flower

Many people are disappointed when learning that CBD won’t make you high. They write
it off and typically go back to marijuana, never to think about CBD flower again. The
wide array of positive benefits that CBF flower offers means that just about anyone can
find something to like about it if they just give it a chance.

A popular method to consume CBD flower is to mix it in with your regular THC
marijuana flower. This way, you’ll get the high you crave, plus all of the added effects
that CBD flower is known to provide. Instead of popping a pill of acetaminophen or
ibuprofen for a minor ache, try lighting up a bit of CBD flower. Your internal organs will
thank you for not subjecting them to harmful chemicals that can damage them over the
long term.

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