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Cannabis enthusiasts, your search for the perfect cannabis strain ends here! Ascend Cannabis is a top-rated source of favorite strains among smokers. The cannabis company is deeply rooted in diverse cultural influence, their commitment to providing quality smokable products has seen them ascend to great heights. From specializing in unique CBD (cannabinoid) varieties to offering a range of THC options and potency levels – they have something for everyone. Get acquainted with all that Ascend Cannabis has to offer through this blog post today!

What they offer


Ascend Cannabis has a wide selection of flowers, from CBD-rich hemp to high THC strains. Whether you want an energizing experience or a calming session, you can count on Ascend to provide the right flower for your needs. They also offer different flavor profiles, so you can always find something that’s tailored just for you.


If smoking isn’t your thing, they have a range of edibles too! Their selection includes gummies, candies, and even chocolates, so they’re sure to please any sweet tooth. All of their edibles are made with quality ingredients and offer an enjoyable experience.


And now , onto the concentrates. Ascend Cannabis is the go-to source for those who want to explore a different type of cannabis consumption. They offer a wide range of extractions, from waxes to oils and shatter. Their concentrate selection is sure to satisfy even the most experienced dabber.

Why you should choose Ascend Cannabis

99% Vegan

Ascend Cannabis is proud to provide products that are vegan-friendly, containing no animal byproducts or derivatives. Their commitment to using only plant-based ingredients make them the perfect choice for those with dietary restrictions.


Ascend Cannabis is an excellent choice for cannabis enthusiasts looking to reduce their carbon footprint while enjoying quality buds. By utilizing a greenhouse to collect natural sunlight, they are able to reduce their reliance on coal energy by 35%. Not only does this increase the environmental benefits of Ascend Cannabis’s products, but it also helps to ensure a consistent volume and quality of product. Additionally, the careful attention given to each grow cycle means each batch is carefully monitored and tracked – providing you with a reliable source for your favorite strains! So if you’re looking for high-grade buds grown with sustainability in mind, then Ascend Cannabis Sustainable is the perfect option!

Earth Friendly

At Ascend Cannabis, they take sustainability to the next level. They are dedicated to being Earth friendly and have implemented a top-of-the-line no-till soil system that uses zero bottled nutrients and continuously recycles soil. Their worm castings help enrich our soil and make it highly reliable for cannabis growth. This way, Ascend Cannabis produces high quality products while protecting our planet from the harm of excessive soils usage. Plus, you’ll be getting first-rate product at an excellent price! Join us in making the world more sustainable by choosing Ascend Cannabis for all your needs!


If you’re looking for cannabis that is sustainably grown without harsh synthetic products and chemicals, then check out Ascend Cannabis. Their commitment to produce safe, clean cannabis is unparalleled – they only use Mother Nature derived materials in the cultivation of their plants, leaving chemical-induced contaminants off the table.

Order online get delivery in store

Shopping online has never been easier with Ascend Cannabis’ simple online ordering process and pick-up or delivery opportunities. With locations in Littleton, Denver, Lakewood, and Buena Vista, customers can have instant access to their products without ever leaving the comfort of their own home. An added bonus is that no matter what location is picked up from the store hours are consistent: every day 9am-10pm except for the Buena Vista location which offers different schedule of M-Th & Sun 9am-7pm and Fri & Sat 9am-8:30pm. Shopping with Ascend Cannabis allows customers to instantly browse a variety of items and pick what’s best suited for them – all while staying in the safe confines of their own homes.

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