Mikrodozowanie Cannabis


Microdosing is becoming a household name among most cannabis enthusiasts. Microdosing cannabis involves taking small amounts of THC to experience the effects subtly. But is micro dosing effective for you? Let’s find out in this article

How Does Micro Dosing Differ from Regular Dosing?

Regular cannabis dosage ranges from 5mg to 10mg of THC, depending on your tolerance level and the type of cannabis product. Beginners usually prefer to start slow while regular consumers start at high doses. A microdose of cannabis ranges from 1mg to 5mg, depending on the individual.

Why should you Microdose Cannabis?

Microdosing THC is the best way to find a suitable dose for you. It works by starting slow and going slow. Medical cannabis patients can benefit from micro-dosing since it helps reduce the psychoactive effects of THC, offering only the benefits. Microdosing works well with novice cannabis users who want to find the right dose.

Anyone can microdose on weed. When you microdose, you have a good day at work without experiencing psychoactive effects for long. Novice users can switch to micro-dosing to find the best dosage. Casual users can also use it as a great way to regulate tolerance levels and keep the body balanced.

The Best Way to Microdose Cannabis

For beginner users, it’s safer to microdose tinctures. This is because you can easily measure the dosage of a tincture. Another cannabis product that provides easy microdosing is edible. Edibles come in different strengths, from 2.5mg to 10mg, to facilitate easy dosing. Start from the smallest dosage and slowly move your way up. However, keep in mind that edibles require about 30 minutes to become effective. Therefore, when you eat an edible, you must wait for at least an hour before consuming another edible.

Cannabis products for micro dosing


Low-dose edibles are a great way to start your microdosing journey as they provide easy dosage. Edibles not only provide easy dosage but act as a delicious and convenient way to enjoy the benefits of cannabis.

Single-Use Pipes

Also known as chillums or one-hitters, these single-use pipes can hold sufficient cannabis flowers for single use. Simply place a small amount of cannabis on your one-hitter and inhale one time. While it may need some practice to use a one-hitter, they are very effective.

Sublingual Cannabis

Sublingual cannabis also known as tinctures is cannabis oil infused with alcohol or another liquid. Cannabis tinctures are dropped under the tongue and absorbed by the body for quick onset effects. When dosing tinctures, it’s essential to start with a few drops and slowly increase the dosage afterward.

Cannabis Beverages

Cannabis beverages can come in different forms such as soda, beer, or any of your favorite beverages. These products contain lower doses of THC, providing easy microdosing.

Tablets or Capsules

Cannabis capsules are also an easy way to microdose weed. Simply consume them as you would consume any capsule. They are very discrete and offer quick onset effects.

Bottom line: Is Microdosing cannabis right for You?

Microdosing can work for any cannabis enthusiast. If you are a regular cannabis consumer, microdosing can help regulate the effects and reduce your tolerance levels. If you are a novice user microdosing can help you find the best dosage.

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