How to Feminize Cannabis Seed: Two Simple Methods


Knowing how to feminize cannabis seed is one of the most critical pieces of knowledge
you can learn if you want to grow cannabis plants. It’s so crucial to the growing process
that people have poured enormous amounts of effort into forcing cannabis plants to
produce feminized cannabis seeds.

Using only feminized cannabis seeds to grow your plants saves a tremendous amount
of time and money. Male plants are undesirable and can wipe out an entire crop in the
blink of an eye.

Why Are Feminized Cannabis Seeds Important?

When growing cannabis, many different things can go wrong. Being in control of as
many variables as possible will reduce the number of disasters you experience. Using
feminized cannabis seeds is one of the variables you can control, and it’s recommended
to do so whenever possible.

Male cannabis plants offer no value to anyone growing plants to harvest the flower
because they don’t bud. If a male cannabis seed is allowed to grow next to female
plants, it will pollinate the females and completely ruin any buds grown on them. They
will be packed with seeds, significantly reducing potency and tasting awful.

Without feminized cannabis seeds, it’s impossible to know if a plant is male until it’s
been growing for a while. There’s just a tiny window of time between when a male
becomes recognisable and when it begins pollinating. The damage will be irreversible if
you don’t dispose of it quickly.

How to Feminize Cannabis Seed

Two common methods are used to feminize cannabis seeds. Both processes involve
forcing a female plant to produce male pollen sacs. The most common and reliable
method is the “colloidal silver method,” and the other is called “rodelization.”

Colloidal Silver Method: You can use a few different chemicals for this method, but
colloidal silver is preferred. It is the easiest to make or purchase and is safe to handle.
Colloidal silver is just distilled water with silver particles dissolved in it.

You’ll need two female cannabis plants to perform this method properly. As soon as the
first plant begins to enter the flowering stage, you must evenly mist the colloidal silver
solution with a spray bottle. This will need to be done daily for about two weeks until the
female plant starts to produce male pollen sacs.

You can stop spraying at this point but allow the plant to keep growing until the pollen
sacs swell up and start cracking open. When the sacs are ready, carefully remove them
and put them in a plastic bag. It’s a good idea to let them dry in a cool, dark place for a
few days. When ready, shaking the bag vigorously will release the pollen from the sacs.
Use this pollen to pollinate the second plant.

The ideal time to begin pollination is when your second plant is about two or three
weeks into its flowering stage. You’ll know the seeds are ready because they will
become visible and turn brown. If they’re green, they aren’t ready yet. The seeds can be
harvested by hand. (Important: Do not smoke the plant that has been coated in
silver colloidal)

Rodelization Method: This is the easiest method to feminize cannabis, and it’s all-
natural. The downside is that it has a chance of failing. Even so, it’s still the method
many prefer and can produce good results if it works.

Sinsemilla is a stage a female cannabis plant enters at the end of its flowering stage if it
has not yet been pollinated. This is sort of a last-ditch effort to pollinate itself before it’s
too late. It does this by naturally producing male pollen sacs so it can pollinate its own

As the pollen sacs mature, they can be harvested. As with the colloidal silver method,
store the sacs until they are dry, shake them, and use them to pollinate a second female
plant. This method may produce less pollen, and some varieties of female cannabis
plants will not grow pollen sacs. Still, it’s an excellent method for beginners to
experiment with.

Growing Just Got Easier

Now that you know how to feminize cannabis seed, you’ll never have to worry about
male plants destroying your beautiful females. As you can see, it’s a surprisingly simple
process. All it takes is a little practice, and you’ll become an expert in no time. If you
don’t want to be bothered doing it yourself, you can always purchase feminized seeds
from a reputable online retailer.

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